Vehicle graphics like wraps are a great way to use your vehicle as a moving billboard.  We have found that vehicle graphics are not only a way to get attention and business but a great first impression.  Although you are a professional in your field, our first impressions are often based on appearance.  Residential customers for instance feel safer when a van or truck with professional graphics pulls into there driveway as opposed to a blank vehicle.  People also feel at ease that they have hired a professional to carry out the service they have hired your company to perform.  


We use pigmented computer cut vinyl as well as Latex printed/UV laminated vinyl graphics when "lettering" a vehicle.  Vehicle graphics are a cost effective form of advertising that can last you anywhere between 3-10 years depending on the application and care taken.  Like paint, vinyl does fade and break down over time.  Pollutants in the air as well as road grime, rocks, and the suns harmful UV rays will slowly wear the graphics down. Regular washing and detailing will extend the life of your graphics as well as boost your company's image.


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